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How to Make a Name for Yourself in Company Meetings

Company meetings are a great place to boost your image and impress the boss. Yet many professionals today totally overlook these opportunities. Consider using one or two of the following tips at your next conference-room gathering.

Leave your phone at your desk

acing-the-presentationIt’s annoying to whoever is speaking when the other meeting participants are distracted by their phones. Be the only person who comes without their phone, and the personal connections you make by simply staring the speaker in the eyes will pay off big down the road. The best way to make deeper, more rewarding personal connections at work is to make those around you feel heard, understood and respected.

Be positive

When the boss uses a meeting to introduce a new program or a big change, most people at the table will immediately start thinking about the negatively impacts. It’s human nature. To set yourself apart (especially in the boss’s eyes), react positively – but without making any commitments you can’t keep. Say something like, “I’m intrigued by this. I’m going to gather my team first thing tomorrow morning and start brainstorming implementation plans.”

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USPS Postage Rate Increase : May 2015

The United States Postal Service has announced postage rate increases that affect all orders placed after 4pm CST on May 27, 2015. Xpressdocs rates for mailed products are being adjusted to reflect this postage increase.


Impact of USPS Postage Increases on Current Xpressdocs Rates
Products First Class Standard
Small Postcard – 5.5 x 4.25 in $.02 N/A
Large Postcard – 8.5 x 5.5 in $.02 $.01
XL Postcard – 11 x 5.5 in $.02 $.01
Folded Postcard – 8.5 x 5.5 in $.02 $.01
Mega Postcard – 11 x 8.5 in $.04 $.02
Rectangle Tri-fold Brochure – 8.5 x 5.5 in $.02 $.01
Newsletter $.02 $.01

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These Postcards Get the Best Customer Response

If you’re an Xpressdocs client, you know that marketing postcards are one of the most efficient and effective ways to promote your business. According to the latest Direct Marketing Association study, direct mail generates an average of $7 in sales for every $1 spent on the marketing medium.

But, of course, not every marketing postcard can be a hit. What separates the winners from the losers? Postcards with the following attributes almost always get the best customer response:

Attention-grabbing introduction – People are busy (just like you). So if you don’t grab their attention in the headline or first sentence, your chances of success will drop dramatically. Suggestions: state a question, present a compelling fact, or lead off with a special offer.

Clear benefits – Instead of simply stating a feature of your product/service (“experienced work crews”), tell the reader how that feature will personally benefit them (“experienced craftsmen who aren’t satisfied with the job until you’re satisfied with the job”).
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Real Estate Marketing Tools: The Twitter Savvy Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Marketing ToolsSocial media is an important real estate marketing tool, and Twitter is no exception. The fact that Twitter limits posts to 140 characters makes it easy for users to follow trending topics and offers the ability for consumers to connect globally. That’s why using Twitter in your marketing plans is crucial for lead generation and networking opportunities.

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If Your Real Estate Marketing Plan Isn’t Working, Try a New Method

Real Estate MarketingAgencies often continue to use the same real estate marketing plan year after year, even when that plan is no longer working. The problem is determining which marketing plan achieves the best results. Answering that question is equivalent to saying blue is the best house color, sport utility vehicles are the only cars worth driving, or Sprint is the best cellphone service provider. Although those statements may be true for some, they may be completely wrong according to others. Choosing your real estate marketing tools depends on the surrounding circumstances and situation specifics. It also depends on the message you want to send and the audience you are trying to reach.

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Real Estate Advertising Marketing | Summertime is Sure to Heat Up Sales

Real Estate Advertising Marketing | Summertime is Sure to Heat Up Sales

If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, they need to feature a message that resonates with your target audience. Here are six seasonal themes perfect for summer:

Real Estate Advertising MarketingOutdoor fun - Everyone wants to be outdoors having fun during the summer. Play along (and make a name for yourself in the process) by featuring summer-fun tips together with your marketing messages. Combine your marketing messages with things like a barbecue recipe, a schedule of local summer events, water-safety tips, sunbathing dos/don’ts and helpful weather-news resources.

National pride - When times are tough, people tend to put more emphasis on country. That’s why any marketing efforts with a Fourth of July message are bound to resonate with your target audience this summer.

Health and fitness - Summer is, of course, prime time for messages about looking and feeling better. If you offer any kind of health service or product, consider a message like:

  • “It’s bikini season. Is your body ready?”

Gardening – Combining gardening tips with your marketing messages is sure to attract attention and build name recognition. Even renters are eager for advice about lawn care, pruning and watering.

Free! – During summer, there are all kinds of sought after promotional items you can offer as giveaways via your marketing messages: hats, drink glasses, sunblock and much, much more (all branded with your logo and marketing message). Consider promoting them with a message like:

  • “This summer’s coolest accessory – free to the first 50 visitors on August 22.”

Summer specials – Discounts and special deals make great marketing messages, whatever the time of year. But during summer, more people are out and about (which means more takers).

One great message (or marketing effort) isn’t going to make your summer, of course. Consistently marketing yourself year-round – using a variety of marketing mediums – is the other key to true success. But now that you’ve got these ideas for messages, there’s nothing stopping you from getting started right away. Right?

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ROI of Real Estate Postcard Marketing

95% of home buyers who receive periodic contact from their real estate agents use the same agent when it comes time to sell. Postcards are an integral part of you marketing mix. Be sure you utilize them to maximize your profits.

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